Frederick Henty (F. Henty & Son)


Fire on March 20, 1924, at Longley's timber yard, established in 1881 close to Crawley Railway Station

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Crawley. Henty published a few real photographic cards of the fire that destroyed Longley's timber yard in Crawley on March 3, 1924. A spark from a passing railway engine is thought to have started the blaze. The cards have handwritten captions in ragged capitals followed by the words "Photo. Henty. Crawley" or just "Photo Henty". Some cards have borders round the photographs, others do not.

In the early 1930s Henty's business premises were at 31 Albany Road in Crawley, but whether he was still producing cards by this date is uncertain.

After the Second World War Henty & Son issued six or more real photographic cards of Crawley street scenes. The photographs are believed to have been taken in 1948. The cards are labelled on the back "F. Henty & Son, Crawley".

Frederick Henty died in 1956, aged 75.

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