A. Hewitt & Co.


Station Approach, Hassocks

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Clayton Park House, Hassocks. Hewitt & Co. published good quality collotypes of Hassocks on thick card with white borders and italicised, printed captions. Unusually for collotypes, the cards have glossed surfaces and can easily be mistaken for real photographics. The firm's name and address are printed on the back. The cards are now difficult to find and it seems likely that they sold only in small numbers. A 1932 postmark has been seen, and some cards show 1920s and early thirties cars. Judging from clothing styles, however, other cards date from the immediate postwar period.

Although the cards lack a printer's name or trademark, they were evidently designed and printed by the R. A. Publishing Co. (Radermacher, Aldous & Co.) of East London. In the 1930s and 1940s this well known company supplied cards of similar design to many retail outlets across Britain, but usually included its name or trademark. That it did not do so in the case of the Hassocks cards suggests that they were specially commissioned by Hewitt & Co., who may well have taken the photographs.

Design: Lucid Design