Hutchinson & Avery


Uncaptioned card, believed to show a Boys Brigade camp near Worthing

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Proprietors of a "photographic trade works" at 60 George Street, Hove, which opened for business between 1905 and 1907, but closed by 1909. They seem to have specialised in pictorial advertising, and the few real photographic cards that they printed may have been ordered by amateur photographers, who supplied the negatives.

It is unclear who the two partners were. Hutchinson is quite a common name, and without knowing his initials there is no way of identifying him with any certainty in census documents or Directories. Avery may have been Henry Alfred Avery, who went on to found his own, very successful photographic business. Alternatively, he may have been A. H. Avery, another, but much less well known, Brighton photographer.

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