Edwin Sidney Prior


Hove Lawns and Brighton West Pier

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Photographer, 61 Blatchington Road, Hove. Prior was born in 1894 in the Lambeth area of London. He opened his Hove studio by 1922, but was gone by 1927. During the time he was in business in Hove, he actually lived at a house called "Salita" in Havant Road at Drayton in Hampshire. Presumably, he employed a manager to run the Hove studio on a day-to-day basis, but made check-up visits as and when necessary.

Prior issued a series of cards of Brighton and Hove with strongly sepia-toned borderless photographs that are labelled "Priors Real Photo Series" or Priors, Hove". On some cards the captions are handwritten in plain blocky capitals of rather variable size; on others they are printed onto transparent slips using a simple printing device. Two 1923 postmarks have been seen.

Prior died at or near Sutton in Surrey in late 1966, aged 72.

Design: Lucid Design