F. J. Ward


Regency Square, Brighton

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Bookseller and fine-art dealer, 10 East Street, Brighton. Ward established his bookshop in about 1938. Somehow he kept it going through the war years when very few new books were published, but by the end of the 1940s he sold out to Bredon and Heginbotham. During the 1950s and later it became well known as K. J. Bredon's Bookshop.

Ward published black and white real photographic cards of Brighton in the late 1940s. Although the cards were well produced, they seem to have sold only in small numbers, and surviving examples are scarce. A card of shepherds tending a flock of sheep at Jill Windmill at Clayton reproduced a photograph originally published as a postcard in the 1930s by The Times. Ward also issued a series of at least 8 coloured cards reproducing old aquatints and other pictures of Brighton. Wider and longer than standard cards, these were subsequently re-issued by K. J. Bredon under his own name.

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