J. Weston & Son


Eastbourne Lifeboat Station, King Edward's Parade

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Photographers, initially at St Leonards, where they opened for business by 1887 and continued to 1899 or later. By 1895 they opened a studio at 81 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, which between 1924 and 1927 they relocated to 143 Terminus Road. They also had a branch at 43 Western Road in Brighton for a few years. The Eastbourne studio at 143 Terminus Road was still trading in 1934, but closed by 1938.

Weston & Son do not seem to have issued many postcards, except group portraits. Real photographic cards of the Terriss Memorial Lifeboat House at Eastbourne and the lifeboat crew may have been produced to special order, perhaps to raise funds for lifeboat work. Weston & Son also published a series of sepia-tinted real photographics of the military Convalescent Camp at Summerdown, now a built-up area north of the present golf course. Other cards showed the exterior and interior of St Peter's Church at Eastbourne. In addition, Weston & Son are said to have produced cards of Alciston.

Cards of a group of men outside a hotel or boarding house and the staff and students at an unnamed school are labelled on the back "J. Weston & Son, 81 Terminus Road, Eastbourne. Proprietor, H. G. Briggs". It is unclear whether Briggs was in charge of just the Eastbourne branch or the entire business.

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