Arthur John Goodes


Memorial (erected 1931) to the 17 lifeboat men of Rye Harbour drowned on November 15, 1928

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By 1927 proprietor of the Rye Bazaar at 13 High Street, but by 1930 a toy dealer at the same address. Late 1930s Directories list him as a toy dealer at Cinque Port Street. Goodes sold a range of sepia-tinted collotype cards of Rye, Winchelsea and Camber in the late 1920s and 1930s, as well as some rather better quality sepia-tinted real photographics. The cards are hand-stamped on the back in purple ink "Published by A. J. Goodes, High Street, Rye, Sussex". It is not known who actually printed the collotypes for Goodes. The real photographic cards appear to have been the work of at least three suppliers. Shoesmith and Etheridge of Hastings may have been commissioned to produce the cards without numbers and Valentines of Dundee the cards with 5 digit numbers. Other cards with 4 digit numbers, though labelled Averys Bton on the front, are stamped on the back "Published by A. J. Goodes, 13 High Street, Rye".

Goodes also issued coloured collotype cards and cards featuring facsimile black and white sketches, which are unsigned but are presumably the work of a local artist. In addition, he sold several "enticement" cards featuring a pretty, swim-suited woman relaxing on the beach. These cards, which have captions such as "Waiting for you at Rye", are sepia-toned real bromides with patches of added colur. Under the microscope they can be seen to have polygonally cracked surfaces, which suggests that they may have been derived from collotype originals. No postmarks have been reported. Examples of these cards can be found with labels that record that they were first "Published by Geo. Holland, the Photo Store, Rye", before being sold on to Goodes, who overprinted them with his own name and address in the usual purple ink.

Judging from the variety of card types and their geographical coverage, Goodes was an active postcard publisher supplying not only his own shop in Rye but also shops in Winchelsea and Camber.

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