Miss G. Hausser


Old Norfolk Bridge, Shoreham

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Photographer, 19 High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, who was active briefly in the early 1920s. Hausser's cards seem to have sold only in small numbers, and are rarely seen today. The example reproduced above shows the elegant suspension bridge that once spanned the Adur at Shoreham. Known as the Norfolk Bridge, it was dismantled in 1922 and replaced in the following year by a more functional but less imposing steel girder structure. The photograph was taken before posts and scaffolding were erected under the suspension bridge in 1921 to support the road deck in preparation for the demolition of the towers. Hausser's card has a white border and is stamped in purple ink on the back with her name and address. The card is numbered 45, so presumably it was one of a quite extensive series.

Hausser also issued two black and white cards with no borders or captions showing the SS Brussels after it had run hard aground on the harbour bar at Shoreham on July 5, 1922. The ship, which was carrying scrap from Caen, was later refloated. As usual Hausser stamped her name and address on the back of the cards in purple ink.

Towards the end of 1922 Hausser produced a black and white multi-view of Shoreham Grammar School labelled "Seasons Greetings". An example has been found that was posted in December 1922. This multi-view is closely modelled on a 1921 Seasons Greetings card issued by Chambers and Son. who had been the previous proprietors of Hausser's studio. The Hausser card reproduces the same miniature photographs as the Chambers version so evidently Hausser acquired not only the studio but also at least some of its stock of negatives.

Hausser seems to have been in business at Shoreham for no more than about a year. She is listed at 19 High Street in Kelly's 1923 Directory of Brighton and district, which may have been compiled in 1922. There is no entry for her, however, in Kelly's 1921-22 Directory, which lists Chambers and Son as the proprietors of the Shoreham studio. Pike's 1924 Directory of the Brighton area (issued in April) records that by this date Averys of Brighton had acquired Hausser's studio. Soon afterwards, a ladies outfitter took over the property.

No biographical information about Hausser has been found despite much searching.

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