Joseph James Hill


Military ambulance, believed to have been photographed at Newhaven while en route for the Front. Labelled "J. J. Hill. (Late) F. Turner, 30 Meeching Road, Newhaven" on the back

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Photographer, Newhaven. Hill took over as photographer from Frank Turner at 30 Meeching Road in Newhaven towards the end of the First World War. By 1924 he moved his studio from Meeching Road to 27 High Street in Newhaven, and was still in business there when the Second World War started. It is not known when he retired.

Advertising in a 1924 Peacehaven Directory, Hill offered to supply a "portrait breathing your own Personality", "a Likeness of Yourself ---- as Yourself", adding "Always remember that that Portrait of You --- to be YOU must be taken by --- J. J. Hill"!

Hill took many photographs for the Peacehaven Post and Downland Post in the 1920s, and also provided many of the photographs for the 1924 Peacehaven Official Guide. He was not a prolific postcard publisher, but was still issuing cards in the late 1920s. The titlepiece shows one of his early cards. Some later cards were blind stamped "J. J. Hill, Newhaven".

Acknowledgement: Grateful thanks are due to Julia Winckler (University of Brighton) for helping to unearth information about Hill.

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