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Old houses, Westham High Street

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Mystery publisher, Hastings. The Palacette Studio does not appear to be listed in any Sussex or Hastings Directory, and the name of its proprietor has yet to be determined, but from 1915 onwards the studio issued a range of real photographic and collotype cards of Burwash, Beckley, Robesrtsbridge, Hastings, Westham and other places in East Sussex. All the cards are labelled on the reverse "Palacette Studio, Hastings", but unfortunately no street address is given. Some of the photographs had previously appeared on cards that Albert Shoesmith published, and it is entirely possible that he was the originator of the Palacette Studio cards. However, some Palacette cards have captions written in George Chapman's distinctive, backwards-sloping script, which could imply that Chapman supplied the photographs in question. Thomas Alfred Duly of Herstmonceux sold collotype cards that carried the Palacette Studio label, and he may also have contributed photographs for use by the studio. Yet other cards issued by the Palacette Studio have captions written by an unknown hand, for example the view of Westham shown above. This seeming medley of origins may mean that an independent publisher issued the Palacette Studio cards, "buying in" pictures from a range of local photographers.

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