Harry Scott


S.S. Lugano on fire off Hastings harbour arm, April 27, 1906

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Photographer (but not listed as such in any directory), West Hill, Hastings. Scott was born at Mile End in London in 1874, and married Amy Agnes Heibronn (born in about 1875 at Fairlight; died 1955) on May 21, 1899. He and his wife had a daughter (Amy Amelia Scott, born in 1900) and two sons (Edwin Stanley Scott born in 1901 and Alfred Reuben Scott, born in 1903). Before the First World War the Scotts lived at 79 St. George's Road in the West Hill district of Hastings. During the war Scott is believed to have left Hastings, but when it was over he quickly returned, though not to 79 but to 14 St George's Road. He and his wife were still at this new address in 1936.

One of many small-scale producers of Hastings real photographic cards, Scott was active from 1905 until after the First World War. The black and white photographs lack borders and have captions written entirely in capitals that slope to the left. An early card, which seems to have sold well, shows the SS Lugano on fire off Hastings Harbour on April 27, 1906. Scott also issued a halftone version of the same card. Later he produced real photographic cards showing Hastings Pier on fire in 1917 and the ex-German submarine stranded on Hastings beach in 1919 (it had broken loose while being towed down the Channel and had washed ashore at Hastings).

Most of Scott's business was photographing groups of holidaymakers on the seafront and the beach at Hastings. Publishing view and event postcards seems to have been just a sideline for him.

Acknowledgement: Grateful thanks to David Kibble (Lewes) for his assistance in the preparation of this publisher's profile.

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