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S. C. & Co.
S. P. P. Agency (S. P. P. A. Series)
S. T. C. Photo
St John Smith (later St John Vaughan)
John Salter
Harry Sammes
Henry Alfred Scoones
Harry Scott
A. Scrase & Co. - see S. P. P. Agency (S. P. P. A. Series)
Seaford Water Colour Series - see Ye Olde Eastbourne Series
Albert Edward Seaman (Seaman & Sons)
Frederick Thomas Searle
F. Seltman
Harry Seymour-Cousens - see Harry Seymour Cousens
Sheldrick & Sons
Shippam's Ltd.
Albert George Barrett Shoesmith (Shoesmith & Etheridge)
William Edward Sims
John William Bradley Slator
F. Smart
A. Smith (Haywards Heath) - see Bertram Hyde Tugwell
Arthur Edwin Smith (A. E. Smith)
Edgar Smith
Harcourt Smith
Henry John Smith (Smith's Library)
Sidney Harry Smith
Percival Snelling
Samuel Henry Soper (Soper's Bazaar)
Spencer & Co. (Spencer's Photo Stores)
Arthur William Spice - see Arthur William-Spice
John ("Jack") Henry Spree
Francis (Frank) Walter Spry
John Edward Stafford
Reginald Stewart
Ambrose Henry Bensley Stickells
Percy (Percival) Rufus Stickells
George William Stokes
G. & A. Stringer (Henfield) - see Marjorie Baker
R. Stringer
Sussex Daily News
Sussex Photographic (or Photo) Co.
Sussex Postcard Co.
Howard Swain
Percy J. Swain

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